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So this is my first blog post ever! I'm excited to do this and my husband has been pushing me to do this because he thinks it could be great information and helpful to other soon to be mamas out there. One of the biggest things that has held me back is I can be a very OCD writer and I am not the best writer... Like at all!

My grammar sucks and I tend to read over things a million times until I give up. So I've decided to take a deep breath and I am just going to write and not worry about being a perfect writer but just share my story and my experiences.

First I want to start off with a little bit about me and my little family! So for me... I'm a hot mess lol I grew up living with my mom and step dad who was in the Air Force so we moved A LOT. It is probably safe to say I'm a pro at packing a house up to move. I also had my dad and that side of the family in the northeast corner of Iowa that I visited as often as I could. Man I love the farm, it is my happy place! Our wedding was on the farm and it was the perfect place. I also say I'm the girliest tomboy you will ever meet but I like to think it's because I got the perfect mix growing up with a country and city life.

I ended up going to college at University of Wisconsin - Platteville which is where I met my wonderful husband, Andy! Sorry but I couldn't choose just one!

He has pushed me to become the best version of myself. He is my biggest support system and I could not have done anything I have done without him. When we got married we moved to Houston right after the honeymoon for my job and we were down there for about a year before we decided to move back to the midwest. I found I was pregnant in early 2018 and we knew we wanted to raise our baby and any other children we decided to have closer to family. We moved across country again to Kenosha WI. A few months later we had our beautiful baby boy, Declan.

It is crazy to think that we have another little one on the way but I am so excited! I know Andy and I can handle anything that comes our way and Declan will be a good big brother.

I guess that is a quick bio about myself and my family but I can't wait to share more experiences with you!

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