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5 Moves to Stretch and Strengthen

Looking for some quick and easy movements to stretch and strengthen? Here are 5 moves you can do anywhere and it only takes 5 minutes! These exercises are great for anyone who sits at a desk a lot or if you don’t have the best posture.

Perform each movement for 1 minute then move on to the next.

Pelvic Tilts

Start by standing nice and tall. Take a big

deep breath in, feel the diaphragm expand. Take a deep breath out, while breathing out focus on pulling your belly button back to the spine and up (your hips should be facing forward). Release core when breathing in then repeat.

Tip: Don't lock out your knees while standing

High Knee Marches

Bring your arms up above your head. Take a deep breath in and on the out breath engage that core, bring that right knee up and arms down to a 90 degree (or touchdown position). Breathe in and return to standing position. Repeat breathe out and bring left knee and arms down.

Touch Downs

Stand nice and tall engaging your core with your hands up, elbows in a 90 degree (touch down position). Rotate your shoulders forwards to move your palms/forearms perpendicular to the ground. Rotate your shoulders back to return to touch down position.


While taking a breath in, push your hips back pushing weight into the back half of your foot. Breathe out and squeeze your glutes and stand back up. Repeat!

Tip: It's super important to push your hips back and make sure you don't end up pushing up on your toes at the bottom of the squat.


Lean slightly forward by bending at the hips.Make sure core in engaged and you are not pushing your butt out arching your back. On your breath out, bring your arms straight up by your ears with your thumbs pointed behind you (palms facing each other). Bring the arms down on the breath in. Next breath out bring your arms up and out to form a Y position keeping your palms facing each other (thumbs facing pointing behind you). Bring arms down on the breath in. Next breath bring your arms straight out to be perpendicular with your body forming a T, thumbs pointing behind you. Bring arms down on breath in. Repeat!

Tip: Don't let your back arch!

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