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4 Pieces of Equipment for Pregnancy and Postpartum

I want to share with you what I think are the 4 equipment must haves when you are pregnant or postpartum. These 4 items are items that can help in multiple ways and are staples to have around to help build strength!

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Stability ball

I think the most important during pregnancy is the stability ball. It can be so useful in opening up the hips and working on that core strength. This can also be a great asset for postpartum women. It’s so easy to sit with baby on the ball and exercises newly postpartum.

Yoga Block

I appreciate the yoga block for a few different reasons.

1. It is a great tool to help keep you balanced, especially when stretching

2. Can be used for many adduction exercises

3. Can be added to exercises without adding a bunch of weight

My favorite exercise with the yoga block is bridges squeezing the yoga block between your knees, so good for the pelvic floor and core!


Bands are great for the opposite reason of the yoga block. Bands are great for abduction and for adding extra weight to your exercises. An example of the bridge doing the opposite and using abduction, is placing the band around your thighs, do a bridge and move your knees out pushing against the band.


Dumbbells are the perfect way to add weight and modifications to your workout. Adding in different movements and weights helps keep working out fun. Having a few different dumbbell sizes around can help keep things spicy!

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