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Helpful Tips


WATER. WATER. WATER. It is super important to drink plenty of water when you are exercising, especially if you are breastfeeding. 


Have fun! Make noises, faces, and just be plain weird. Kids love you and they have fun and learn when you are having fun. You can set the example that exercise can be enjoyable. 


Never wait until you have a perfectly happy child to come to class. The great thing about FitFam, it is a group of parents. Everyone understands that kids are not happy 100% of the time. If your child throws a fit, falls asleep, or is happy as can be, you are still teaching them health is important!


Always bring a toy or two. Sometimes they just need a little distraction and piece of home. 


Try to feed them a little bit before class. If you need to feed them during class no worries! No matter if you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, I will have exercises you can do while baby is eating if you want to keep working out.


If you are attending StrollerBurn you need a stroller. It does not have to be a jogging stroller but it is preferred if you decide to run. 


If at any point need to slow down please do! I give many modifications to make it easier or harder as we go along so please do what you feels is right for you. If you ever need a different modification please let us know.


If you are ever in pain, STOP! Let me know if something is painful so I can work with you to have it not be a painful experience. 


It is not a race. When exercising, form is more important than how many you do. Focus on doing the exercise correctly and as you get better the amount will increase naturally. 


Love yourself! We are all on this parenthood journey together and we are all trying to be the best we can for our children. FitFam wants to be able to help take the burden of choosing getting the exercise you need and spending time with your family. Added bonus is your children will see first hand how exercise can be a fun activity!

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