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Family Fitness Classes

You don't have to choose between family time and your health!


At FitFam we are creating a village of moms who want to do something for themselves and create healthy habits. Classes are a fun way for parents to get in a workout and engage with their children. Parents never have to choose between family time and health again! 


Parents Recommend

Sara M.

"FitFam provides a fun way to workout with your kids. I love it because I get a great workout in and my daughter is included in the whole thing. The owner Alyssa plans challenging workouts that can be modified for different skill levels. She even provided modified exercises for me to do while I was nursing my daughter! I highly recommend FitFam to anyone looking for a fitness program that includes the whole family."

Sydney D.

"My 9 month daughter and I LOVE FitFam! the work outs are just intense enough to leave me coming back for more!😂💪 the workouts include my daughter so she is entertained the whole workout! Alyssa is just amazing! She's so knowledgeable in all things fitness to make sure you don't hurt yourself and has great modifications to the workouts to make them harder to easier for people of all fitness levels. 10/10 would recommend!!!"

Madaline S.

"Went to a trial Baby & Me class at Kidwise Playspace for the first time today and LOVED it. I am definitely out of shape after two back to back kids and my workout was amazing. I was able to modify exercises that were too hard for me, but had the encouragement I needed to push a little further. My 6 month old had a blast with me and I look forward to more classes 😊"

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